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La SSLPS promuove sia lo sviluppo sia lo studio di logica e filosofia delle scienze ed ha come scopo di riunire le persone interessate a questo settore.

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SSLPS Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2023: Generalized Descriptive Set Theory

Descriptive Set Theory is the study of the “definable subsets” of Polish spaces such as the Reals (IR), the Baire space (ω^ω), or the Cantor space (2^ω).

The idea behind generalized descriptive set theory, as it is now conceived, is to generalize classical descriptive set theory by replacing ω with an uncountable cardinal κ in all definitions and relevant notions, with special emphasis placed on the study of the generalized Baire space (κκ, endowed with the natural topology) and its definable subsets.

If the initial goal was to identify a generalization of the real line from a topological and descriptive set theoretic standpoint, generalized descriptive set theory is today a thriving area of set theory in its own right. Significant connections with other fields of mathematical logic have been discovered, such as stability notions in model theory — a remarkable result being the descriptive set-theoretical analogue of Shelah’s Main Gap Theorem by Mangraviti and Motto Ros.

The SSLPS annual meeting 2023 will take place from September 29 and 30 in Lausanne. For further information and programme visit the website:

The general assembly of the SSLPS we take place a week earlier on Thursday, 21. September 2023 at the University of Bern, in room 228 of the Exakte Wissenschaften building, starting at 10:15.

Ordered Algebras and Logic, Les Diablerets, April 2020

Annual Meeting 2020
Celebrating and commemorating Conference on Erwin Engeler’s 90th birthday and Ernst Specker’s centenary

The SSLPS Annual Meeting 2020 was hold at the ETH Zurich on February 21 and 22, 2020. It was organized by Gerhard Jäger, Reinhard Kahle, and Giovanni Sommaruga.

Annual Meeting 2019

Deontic Logic, Bern, October 2019. Speakers: Federico L.G. Faroldi, Alessandro Giordani, Piotr Kulicki, Björn Lellmann, Xavier Parent.

Annual Meeting 2018

Logic and Quantum Physics, Lugano, September 2018. Speakers: Claus Beisbart, Olivia Caramello, Gemma De Las Cuevas, Stephan Hartmann, Renato Renner, Ruediger Schack, Christian Wuethrich.

Annual Meeting 2017

Axiomatic Thinking: One hundred years since Hilbert’s address in Zurich, Zurich, September 2017. Speakers: Steve Awodey, John Bell, Nachum Dershowitz, Ulrich Felgner, Fernando Ferreira.

Annual Meeting 2016

Logic and Probability, Bern, October 2016. Speakers: Sebastiaan Terwijn, Zoran Ognjanovic, Ioannis Kokkinis, Dragan Doder, Matthias Unterhuber.

Annual Meeting 2015

Computer Science meets Descriptive Set Theory, Lausanne, December 2015. Speakers: Olivier Finkel, Victor Selivanov, Bill Wadge.

Annual Meeting 2014

Logical Pluralism, Neuchâtel, December 2014. Speakers: Aaron Cotnoir, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Matti Eklund, Rosanna Keefe, Julien Murzi, Ole Thomassen Hjortland.

Annual Meeting 2013

Advances in Proof Theory, Bern, December 2013. Speakers: Wilfried Buchholz, Andrea Cantini, Roy Dyckhoff, Solomon Feferman, Rajeev Goré, Per Martin-Löf, Pierluigi Minari, Grigori Mints, Wolfram Pohlers, Michael Rathjen, Peter Schroeder-Heister, Peter Schuster, Helmut Schwichtenberg, Anton Setzer, Stan Wainer

Annual Meeting 2012

Turing under Discussion, Zurich, October 2012. Speakers: Barry Cooper, Jack Copeland, Martin Davis, Juraj Hromkovic, Ueli Maurer, Stewart Shapiro, Christof Teuscher, Wolfgang Thomas.

Annual Meeting 2011

On the Posterity of Büchi (Logic and Automata), Lausanne, March/April 2011. Speakers: Mikolaj Bojanczyk, Thomas Colcombet, Christof Löding, Wolfgang Thomas, Igor Walukiewicz.

Annual Meeting 2010

Engeler Colloquium, Bern, March 2010. Speakers: Henk Barendregt, Bruno Buchberger, Giuseppe Longo, Johann A. Makowsky, Giuseppe Rosolini.

Annual Meeting 2009

Plurals and Plural Quantification, Geneva, October 2009. Speakers: Ghislain Guigon, Øystein Linnebo, Friederike Moltmann, Alex Oliver, Agustín Rayo, Timothy Smiley, Gabriel Uzquiano.

Annual Meeting 2008

In conjunction with a workshop on recent trends in proof theory, Bern, July 2008, immediately following the Logic Colloquium 2008.

Annual Meeting 2007

Structuralism, Lausanne, November 2007. Speakers:Dennis Dieks (Utrecht), Steven French (Leeds), Claus Kiefer (Cologne), Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State / St. Andrews).

Annual Meeting 2006

Foundational theories of mathematics, Fribourg, October 2006. Speakers: Peter Aczel (Manchester), John Bell (Western Ontario), Bob Hale (Glasgow), John Mayberry (Bristol).

Annual Meeting 2005

Constructivism, Neuchatel, April 2005. Speakers: Laura Crosilla (Florence), Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm), Dirk van Dalen (Utrecht).

Annual Meeting 2004

Modern uses of lambda calculi, Bern, October 2004. Speakers:Andrea Cantini (Florence), Mariangiola Dezani (Torino), Jean-Pierre Desclés (Paris), Michael Esfeld (Lausanne),Peter Simons (Leeds).

Annual Meeting 2003

Logic and the net, Münchenwiler, October 2003. Speakers: Kai Brünnler (Bern), Michel Krebs, Markus Sprenger (Bern), Ulrich Reimer (Kreuzlingen), Bernhard Zgraggen (Brig), Nic Wilson (Cork).

Annual Meeting 2002

Quantification, Neuchatel, October 2002. Speakers: J. Kohlas (Fribourg), A. ter Meulen (Groningen), M. Parigot (Paris), V. Peckhaus (Erlangen), G. Sommaruga (Fribourg).

Annual Meeting 2001

Logic and information, Bern, October 2001. Speakers: J. van Benthem (Amsterdam), M. Cerezo (Navarra), P. Gochet (Liège), H. Rott (Regensburg), H. Sturm (Konstanz).